About Us

Online-Now is made up of a dedicated team who are hard workers, thinkers & innovators. 

Our design team has been carefully selected so as to ensure the most innovative & dynamic web design.
We at Online-Now take pride in creating effective, clutter-free & easy to use websites.
Our goal is to make the experience a smooth & easy one for you as well as a memorable one for your visiting customers.

We understand the value of a good website.  In fact, it’s the cornerstone of any modern business – an extension of your brand.

Why us?

We want to make opening a website a simple process. We want online business to be part of our everyday life. A website provides vital information about a business in much the same way a business card used to.... but with so much more! It's a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the world!
Owning a website is now attainable for everyone & it does not need to cost you a fortune!


We create customised Websites.

We fix or upgrade existing Websites.

Fast and Simple.

We take care of the basics so you don’t need any down time.


We don’t use unnecessary & complicated words or jargon.  

We use normal language that you can understand.

We don’t complicate a simple process.

We don’t have hidden fees – we are 100% upfront.

We don’t operate from call centres.  

Our head office is in Qld AUSTRALIA.

Real Service, Australia Wide!

Working hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat - Sun: 8am - 2pm
E-Mail 24 hours/ 7 days

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