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Being a dedicated WordPress Support company, we cover more than 30 industries and niche websites. May it be eCommerce, or a fashion design agency, we provide our services to all websites built using WordPress CMS.

Yes!  We love Shopify stores and have set up or renovated many over the years.

There are still costs involved so these are not entirely ‘free’.  Check the costs involved – most of the time if you don’t know what you need they ‘suggest’ a lot of unnecessary additions & place you straight onto auto-renew payment plans.  So many people get caught out here.  Beware of finishing costs too.  Some companies charge $2k to finish you site if you get stuck half way through, as well as all the unnecessary addons.  The whole project can end up costing a lot more for an inferior site.

A quality up-to-date website should be the cornerstone of any modern business and really makes a difference to legitimise your enterprise.  Even though you may be getting enquiries through Facebook, Instagram or other social media groups the vast majority of potential customers still want to view your website in order to learn more about your services.

Hosting is a platform for you to store your website on. Think of it like paying rent.  You can purchase your own Hosting from a wide variety of sources.  Once you have Hosting we will be able to attach your website and make it live.  We do also offer Hosting at a discounted rate under our name. (see next question)

Yes we do.  We offer Hosting plans from $49 p/a.  We purchase larger bulk plans from Siteground under our name & Host our clients at a discounted rate.  Hosting is always free for the first 12 months under our plans.  With our Siteground accounts we can also guarantee daily website backups & higher security & speed than some other major Hosting companies.

Yes! The website is yours to keep and to take where you like.  You will have your own credentials and you will have full control.

We offer ongoing support & maintenance from $190 per month.  This includes (but not limited to) general maintenance, updating, content changes, picture changes or additions, adding products to e-commerce sites.  




That is fine too!

We offer our services for $99 per hour, charged in 1/2 hour intervals.



Under Help Desk Support, we aid clients who have bought one of our regular plans. Clients can reach out to us for any Website support queries that they might need. This includes all the package offerings and additional services which are billed separately.  Adding or deleting/modifying products, amending content or pictures.

Absolutely!  In fact your website should evolve as your business grows – whether that means added photos, written content, sales promotions, announcements or a shopping cart.  We can do it all for you.

Sure can!  Our team of professionals love upgrading tired and old sites.  

To cover the costs of software & incidentals (pictures or features), plus to pay third parties for registrations of domains and hosting.  The second half is due upon completion BEFORE going live.  This is once all parties have agreed to the design & function of the website and are happy to proceed.  To go live is the final event for the website launch.

We understand not everyone is good at conveying to us what they are looking for in a website – so we find one of the best ways is for our clients to tell us of a website(s) that they like the look and feel of so we can do something similar.  The other websites can be from any industry.

Yes.  This is a separate paid service (inputting).  We charge by hour which is $99 per hour for both Shopify & WooCommerce.

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